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Sometimes a bar is
much more than a bar

It is a chance to engage all the senses – sights, smells, sounds, temperatures, tastes. The Aviary is just such a place. This brainchild of chef Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas is a restaurant for cocktails. The Aviary is a playground where your idea of what a night out drinking is supposed to be will be challenged and redefined.

The Aviary has been identified by its unique cocktail presentations – In-The-Rocks, Vacuum Pot, The Porthole – but is just as renowned for its cutting edge ice program and delicious food. These programs landed The Aviary immediately on Food & Wine Magazine's list of America’s Best New Bars, Esquire’s list of Best Bars in America, and as the winner of the James Beard Foundation award for Outstanding Bar Program in the United States.

The Aviary

The Aviary can accommodate semi-private parties of up to 40 guests in various areas of the dining room. We offer pre-set progressions of cocktails and light food consisting of 3 or 5 courses. Our bar team and chefs will design the perfect combination of cocktails and bites for your group.

There are also times when you need your party to be yours alone. Groups of up to 100 can book out all of The Aviary for functions as short as 3 hours or for the entire evening. Private events can include passed cocktails and food like any other event but also allow for the addition of chef or bartender-manned stations as part of the function. The only limit is how creative you allow us to be.

The Office

The Office is perfect for smaller groups. This speakeasy located downstairs from the Aviary can accommodate groups of up to 30 guests in an intimate, private setting.

The Office provides a more traditional cocktail experience with light family-style food.


Pricing for semi-private functions in The Aviary for 10 guests starts at $1,100.00.

The cost of reserving all of The Aviary for a private function starts at $13,500.00, while The Office has pricing starting at $2,600.00. Either of these options gives your group the undivided attention of the bar, kitchen, and floor staffs of The Aviary and The Office.

For more information, please email and someone from our events team will contact you. We look forward to creating a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

Download a PDF of this information here.